3 Reasons to consider filling your tank this summer!

#1) Prices                                                                                                                                   Prices are often favorable during the summer months. Prices fluctuate all year around and are not usually higher or lower at any particular time in the year.  It’s in your best interest to watch the prices and consider getting oil at a time of year when you normally wouldn’t and get a delivery when it’s low!

#2) Stability                                                                                                                                   By the way it is used, home heating oil is meant to be stored for extended periods.

#3) Condensation                                                                                                                      Water and sludge can collect in your storage tank. Keep the tank close to full to reduce water accumulation from condensation in the summer.

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It’s Spring Time

It’s that time of year where things start warming up and we start thinking about all the maintenance that needs to be done.  Consider getting a tune up on that good ole’ furnace!  It works hard for you!  We suggest servicing your furnace every other year.  You can call the office at 503-635-4645 for a recommendation for a service tech that we trust. Also oil heat is super stable.  Fill that tank up to be prepped and ready for the heating season next fall!  You can always visit our website at http://www.priestleyoil.com to answer your questions or to order oil online!

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Heating Oil Myth #1: Heating oil heat is dirty and old-fashioned

Myth #1:    Heating oil is dirty old-fashioned

Fact:    Oil heat is a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly fuel source warming thousands of homes in Oregon.  It is a clear liquid that is non-toxic, biodegradable and burns at a level of cleanliness approaching 99.9%.  The EPA says that modern oil burners are one of the cleanest combustion sources available, releasing near zero levels of smoke and producing less greenhouse gas than natural gas systems.  Below is a picture of #2 Heating oil before it is dyed.   Heating oil is dyed red for off-road use and indicates that road taxes have not been paid on the oil.

clear heating oil


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What time will you be here?

Happy Wednesday followers.  Here at Priestley Oil we are a small run family business where the owners are still involved in handling the daily tasks – where your customer service agent still hand writes your order – where Michael Priestley himself routes each morning every order taking into consideration all the details of your requests.  We pride ourselves in these matters and believe that this is why we have such LOYAL customers.  They like what they get when it comes to ordering from Priestley.

Each day we take hundreds of calls requesting oil deliveries.  The question “When will you be here?” gets asked on a daily basis.  On any given day they can range from North Portland to Beaverton, to Sherwood and out to Troutdale or Beavercreek and anywhere in between.  In order for us to maximize our time and get to as many customers as possible, we have to run our routes geographically.  Because we have no idea the day before where our orders are going to be calling from, we route the morning of delivery.  Michael sits down and assesses the location of each delivery and assembles them in a way that makes the most sense to get to as many of our customers as possible.   This system is what allows us to be so personal with you.  When customers start requesting times that we can or cannot show up, it makes it extremely difficult to route for that day.  If we were “ping-ponging” all over Portland to meet the time requests of everyone, we would be wasting valuable time and resources and only be able to make it to half of our customers who need us.  Although we do our absolute best to pay attention to the specific requests of your delivery – giving a time that we can be there is virtually impossible.

We ask you our loyal customers to understand and help us by being available the day of your delivery or making any arrangements with us to be able to make the delivery without you there.

Michael, Jani and Andrea @ Priestley Oil

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Heating oil on layaway??

Logo Resize

Over the year we’ve had customers ask about our equal pay program.  If you’ve asked for details in the past – now is the time to get started.  Our equal pay program allows you to budget for you heating oil year round.  We work to estimate your annual oil usage and average cost of oil and figure an equal pay amount for you.  If you start your equal pay program in the spring, you will have credit built up on your account by fall.  When the heating oil season begins and you need to order oil, you can order what you need to get you through the winter without the burden of paying for your heating costs all at once.  You can visit priestleyoil.com to download and read our equal pay agreement or contact Andrea at 503-635-4645 today!

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We love our customers!!

This was a cute little drawing and note we got from one of our valued customers!

Visit our website: http://www.priestleyoil.com for more info about us!


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Hey Portland!!

We’ve been working hard to reach you all!  Check out our new video on youtube!


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2 Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

The easiest thing you can do to lower your heating bill is to use a programmable thermostat.  According to the US EPA’s Energy Star Program, a programmable thermostat can save up to 10% on your annual heating costs.  For a home that spends $2000 a year on heat, you can save up to $200.

Another simple step is to regularly change your furnace’s air filter.  Keep this is mind.  Most furnace fans use around 400 watts of electricity when they are running and use even more in the first seconds when they are starting up.  Clogged air filters make the motors work harder and start and stop more often.  The rule of thumb is: change or clean your filter every three months.

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Up Up and Away

Today’s heating oil prices are going up.  Call us now at 503-635-4645 to place your order with Andrea.  We’re currently booking for Monday February 9th!

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